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Air Liquide is one of the major players in Taiwan's gas and petroleum industry, known for its efficient supply chains and commitment to safety. In 2019, the company decided to partner with Carota Fleet to improve its already impressive safety record.


An Air Liquide plant in Taiwan R.O.C

At the time, Air Liquide had a combined fleet of approximately 200 vehicles, including 10 trucks and 200 trailers. To address the specific needs of their industry, they chose to implement Carota's Driver Management System (DMS), Fleet Management System (FMS), and Transportation Management System (TMS).


An Air Liquide Truck, from the GOK Fleet, equipped the Carota Fleet Solutions

Thanks to the comprehensive nature of these solutions, the company was able to see immediate improvements in their fleet's performance. In just a few months, it recorded a 31% reduction in speeding and a 35% reduction in harsh braking. These impressive results were due in large part to the correction of bad driving habits among their drivers, who were able to make better use of the data provided by Carota's systems to improve their own performance.


Carota Fleet Solutions helped reduced the number of speeding and hard braking events

Air Liquide was also impressed with Carota's ability to provide customized services and vehicle hardware integration and maintenance. This allowed them to implement the solutions quickly and easily in their fleet, without sacrificing the quality of their service.



Carota Driver Dashboard monitoring Driver’s driving behavior

Overall, the partnership with Carota has allowed Air Liquide to maintain its position as one of Taiwan's top three industrial gas supply chains, while also improving safety and increasing the value of their drivers.

  • 2024-07-20