Vehicle Tracking and Management

  • Improve management efficiency and avoid waste
    Track fleet arrival and departure times throughout the route to help ensure that your drivers adhere to the exact planned routes and times.
    Our fleet tracking management system will also provide relevant maintenance management advice for this transportation operation, so as to help you manage your fleet more efficiently.
  • Save time and energy
    GPS tracking of fleet vehicles can help manage time costs and reduce fuel consumption based on accurate reports from the vehicle's engine control module.

Driver Management and Compliance

  • Intelligent dispatch
    Through driver scheduling, vehicle scheduling, driver scheduling and other forms of reasonable and effective route planning, reduce unnecessary trips, so as to achieve the goal of reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions.
  • Real-time monitoring
    By tracking and monitoring the driver's behavior throughout the whole process, it can effectively avoid the driver's illegal behavior, reasonably reduce fuel consumption and reduce carbon emissions.

Fleet Maintenance

  • Maximize uptime while reducing costs
    Proactively provide vehicle diagnostic reports to quickly identify and prioritize maintenance, allowing fleet management systems to maximize uptime while reducing costs.
  • Efficient and comprehensive fleet maintenance program
    Closely monitor the vehicle engine, fuel status and other hardware management, so that you can timely and proactively discover and deal with problems.
    We can provide you with fleet maintenance and diagnostic solutions, including predictive maintenance, remote diagnosis, collision reconstruction and maintenance management.