Driver Management and Compliance

  • Comprehensive tracking and monitoring
    Through the electronic system, the driver's working time is comprehensively tracked and monitored to ensure the compliance of the driver's operation on the way and ensure that the driver can get accurate and adequate rest.
  • Compliance management
    Automatic compliance management is adopted to optimize driving time and reduce violations.
  • Electronic journal
    We can provide you with a driver's driving standards compliance log for review.

Fleet Maintenance

  • Maintenance inspection
    Our fleet maintenance system can help you fully understand the compliance operation status of your fleet, and identify engine problems through predictive monitoring, extending the service life of your vehicle, enabling you to proactively maintain your vehicle, improve the overall running time of your fleet, vehicle safety and compliance, and complete fleet maintenance easily and efficiently.
  • Route optimization
    Give priority to road safety planning, driving routes, etc., reduce unnecessary driving, reduce costs and energy consumption.

Video Streaming

  • Fitted electronic logging Tool (ELD)
    Understand the situation and minimize violations through driver status reports and real-time alerts on the electronic Logging instrument (ELD) dashboard.
    Carota's fleet compliance solution also simplifies driver compliance management with a step-by-step workflow and real-time pop-up alerts.
  • DVIR Management
    Carota can use a user-friendly interface similar to mobile to simplify compliance management and save drivers time in reviewing vehicle inspection reports.