Vehicle Tracking and Management

  • Optimize work efficiency
    Through real-time tracking and monitoring, ensure the transparency and compliance of the transportation process. Optimize the efficiency of fleet operation.
  • Optimize the cost
    By optimizing route arrangement, fleet scheduling and other operations, reduce energy consumption and reduce operating costs.

Routing and Dispatching

  • Customized workflows optimize fleet management
    On-demand driver health check functions to ensure dispatches and assignments meet standards, such as alcohol and blood pressure testing.
    Estimated Dispatch Board contains travel time and distance calculation reports, vehicle information, delegated itineraries, and synchronous dispatch routes that allows fleet managers and supervisors to analyze information and make better routing and dispatch plans.
    Cooperating with ERP software to deal with the complexity of logistics needs.

Asset Tracking

  • Real-time asset tracking, less cost equals more benefit
    Track trailers and powered assets' location.
    Grasp how long it takes to complete a task through real-time GPS and the report will be shown on the Estimated Dispatch Board.
    You may trace the historical data of selected period as well.

Order Management

  • Optimize for the best routes & schedules while respecting all order and task criteria
     Priority, time windows, day of week, date range, reverse logistic orders, variable job durations, skills matching and more.
  • Assign an order to a driver or vehicle then track their deliveries in real-time through your Carota dispatch board.
  • Share vehicle information and ETAs with built-in messaging tools.

Delivery Management

  • Monitor progress
    By assigning dispatches and track progress to reduce the dispatcher’s workload.
  • Pickup and Delivery
    Plan routes with passengers or goods passing from location to another without going through your depot.